Individual orthopedic solutions for safety shoes

Did you know that almost two-thirds of all adults need an individual orthopedic solution? However, when it comes to safety shoes, you are not allowed to use your standard orthopedic footbed. If safety shoes are delivered with removable footbeds, you can only replace those footbeds with identical ones or with footbeds that are certified for this particular product. 

That is why Safety Jogger has partnered up with the Dutch company NESKRID, which specializes in creating orthopedic footbeds that meet both individual needs and the official safety footwear regulations.

But how does that work exactly? We’ll explain it in the video below:

In summary:

Do you have special needs for your feet? With the help of Neskrid, you can replace the original Safety Jogger footbed with a footbed that is custom-made for you and still has the same safety certifications. For example: if your previous footbed was featured with ESD, your new NESKRID footbed will have the same properties.

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