Discover the benefits of our Safety Jogger Foam Footbed

Safety is one thing, but here at Safety Jogger, we know that comfort is key too. Our Safety Jogger Foam Footbed is included in most of our shoes and there’s a good reason for that

With these footbeds, we make a difference in the industry. No matter how many hours on the job, how many steps a day or how uneven the surface is that you are walking on: our foam footbeds put an end to uncomfortable feet at the end of the working day. In the video below, we’ll show you why:

In summary:

  • Optimum support for your heel
  • Optimum shock absorption in heel and forefoot 
  • Made of light materials, to avoid that there’s any extra weight added to your safety shoes
  • Conductive, which means it’s a perfect fit for all industries, whether you need ESD-featured shoes or not.
  • Made of air-cooling technology for a perfect temperature management and foot climate all day long

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