Alcatraz Metal Festival

“For those about to rock, we salute you!”

Alcatraz Metal & Hard Rock Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium is a total experience. The grounds at Sportcampus Lange Munte were arranged as a prison where the guard - Officer Nice, the mascot here - greets you at the entrance. The festival derives its name from the famous prison island off the coast of San Francisco. The festival visitors tell them that they went “to prison”, where they were locked up with a series of excellent bands.

For half a decade, Safety Jogger supports the Alcatraz community by offering safety footwear & T-shirts for every volunteer or worker involved in putting together this unreal festival. We also provide big-top tents & other must-have items for music events. In return we’re able to promote our rock-solid brand to a community in which we are very active.

Once metalhead, always metalhead

Long beards, wild hair, leather jackets with band patches on it: the average Alcatraz visitor looks really cool. Apart from the fact that the boot-wearing metal men and rock chicks are very nice and sweet, our metal fans are known to be one of the most favorable festival visitors in the country.

The average Alcatraz visitor is the stereotypical metalhead everyone thinks of — a hellraiser in denim vest, out to have a good time so long as beer or pizza is involved. In the more sentimental moments, they like to believe in the idea of the Brotherhood of Metal, that at the end of the day we could be friends with anyone rocking the same back patch.

The loudest festival

“The festival received 25,000 visitors last year - a record”, says Mayor Vincent Van Quickenborne. The mayor of Kortrijk and loyal metal fan. Korn, Ghost, Twisted Sister, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sabaton are only a few names that conquered the Prison Stage already.

Every year, Alcatraz brings an exciting line-up of well-known global artists augmented with talented Belgian bands. Get ready to scream this summer for names like Status Quo, Helloween, Behemoth, Epica, and many more!