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Safety Jogger completes market studies throughout the globe to determine the need for new retailers based on market requirements. The goal is to ensure that we can provide the retailers increased sales volumes and high profits and that we can offer the consumers the full Safety Jogger Brand Experience. Discover this global success story and how it benefits your business.

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  • 120 Countries
  • 5 Continents
  • 3 Joint Ventures
  • Growing in demand
  • Engineered in Europe
  • Ultra-Modern Warehouses
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  • Unique quality/price ratio
  • Always-in-stock guarantee
  • Advanced technology & innovation
  • Only specialized distributor channels
  • Technical support & live chat
  • Well-balanced collection
  • Contemporary & timeless design
  • Global marketing support
  • Available worldwide
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Marketing support

Benefit from a solid marketing powerhouse

  • You can download images & videos and use them freely
  • You can download documents & certificates on every product page
  • Printed catalogues & leaflets to hand out to your customers
  • Technical E-book on the website
  • Tons of POS material available
  • Safety Jogger Shop-in-the-shop

R&D facilities

Innovation & quality in every step.

From the well-considered design and construction to the final product distribution, Safety Jogger professional footwear controls every step of the process. Advanced research & development facilities in Europe and Asia make sure all products are manufactured with the latest technological features and according to Safety Jogger professional footwear’s quality standards.

Thanks to the knowledge of our experienced footwear professionals, the continuous investments in training and innovation and our motivated employees , we can exceed your expectations when it comes to functionality, product design and service.

Quality is key in our organization. By developing in our own facilities and by inspecting all materials in the company’s specialized test laboratory, we can monitor every aspect of the products we produce.

As a result, we got certified by the most known institutes in the industry and can guarantee our products meet the highest norms when it comes to protection.

Brand awareness

Raising positive reflections towards our brand.

Main stage of music festival Alcatraz
Safety Jogger airplane

Alcatraz Metal Festival

Long beards, wild hair, leather jackets with band patches on it: the average Alcatraz visitor looks really cool. But in fact they are known to be one of the most favorable festival visitors in the country.

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Stijn De Jaegere Aerobatics

We’ve known Stijn for years and his story behind aerobatics and the dedication that he has shown to achieve his goal is admirable, we’re delighted that we can support him in his flight to the top!

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