Stijn De Jaegere Aerobatics

"Gentlemen, I’m going to fly!"

With these words, Wilbur Wright confirmed his plans a few minutes before he made the first public flight with a motorized aeroplane. A hundred years later, Stijn De Jaeghere is equally determined to realize his flight plans and now goes to extremes to reach the top in aerobatics.

Since several years Safety Jogger is not only visible on the ground, but also in the air! We've known Stijn for years and his story behind aerobatics and the dedication that he has shown to achieve his goal is admirable, we're delighted that we can support him in his flight to the top!

“Aerobatics fueled my transformation”

The flying nurse

Stijn his story actually started a very long time ago. Flying was not given to him, but at the age of seven he watched pilots and planes at the airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem. I thought at that time that I also wanted to be a pilot, but as a spectacles wearer it was not for me.

After several ups & downs, Stijn is in charge of his own home nursing company. He combines his busy professional activity with the many trainings to make it as an aerobatics pilot. He insists on taking up the job almost daily to take care of his patients. You could call him ‘the flying nurse’, both literally and figuratively.