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Be pain-free on any work environment with a pair of comfortable work shoes. Get more work done and stop wasting time dealing with sore muscles or aching feet. Our collection of stylish, comfortable work shoes is designed to provide an all-day comfort. Most of you work about 8 hours every day, 5 days of the week all year round, so the last thing you want is discomfort and pain in your feet.

Safety Jogger offers comfortable work shoes suitable for heavy outdoor jobs and labour that requires strenuous activity. We have comfortable work shoes for men and women benefiting from trendy designs, soft linings, state-of-the-art impact foam, air cushioning, breathable leather, and so much more to bring you the comfort you desire.


First, you need a comfortable work shoe that keeps your feet dry, offers support and hug your feet without rubbing it the wrong way. If they rub your feet the wrong way, you’ve got a long day full of aches and pain ahead of you. And we don’t want that, right?

While all brands claim that their work shoes are the best or the most comfortable on the market, you don’t want to find out the truth about comfort the hard way. Everyone has their own opinion and thoughts when it comes to comfort but overall, a comfortable pair of work shoes should be:

  • Water repellent yet breathable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Have comfortable ankle support

Apart from price and durability, you must consider features that make a comfortable work shoe something that pushes you forward rather than holding you back. The best way to start, when looking for comfortable work shoes, is to ask yourself what features can’t be missed for your work environment. Technology within the work shoe industry has been on a fast track for quite some time. The safety and comfort features that didn’t exist a decade ago are now very common in most comfortable work footwear, so you need to find out what’s vital for your work. This page gives you a great overview of all features we provide in our work shoes.

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Electrostatic discharge (ESD)


SRC slip resistance
SRC slip resistance


Features for a comfortable work shoe


The soles of work footwear can make all the difference when you work on your feet all day. They could be the difference between a long, painful day and a nice, comfortable day.


For additional comfort and support, think about adding some great insoles to your footwear. The new and revolutionary Safety Jogger Impact foam takes full-surface foot comfort to the next level. The unique shape constantly adapts to the pressure of the foot, improving every step you take. An exceptional Air Breathability technology and extra Shock Impact Zone at the heel keep your feet comfortable and fresh all-day long.


Choose the sole which is right for you. There are big differences in comfort and purpose between a steel or woven fabric midsole, we discuss every detail between the 2 on this page.


Not only do you need a comfortable sole that can withstand the elements, you also need a sole that provides support so that every step isn’t a painful one. Rubber outsoles are slip-resistant and provide maximum traction.

The use of polyurethane makes a lightweight flexible sole which is not only shock absorbent but also extremely hard wearing.


When it comes to comfort and safety toes, Choose the right type of toe for your individual work environment, and maybe look for comfortable shoes that sport an extra wide steel toe, which will mean more room to move. Some Safety Joggers are made to have wider toe-spaces for extra comfortable steel toe footwear!
You can find more info on toecaps HERE.


Steel toes are the most traditional choice, but often become extremely cold in environments where the temperatures are getting chilly.


Composite toes offer heavy protection in a lightweight design, they are preferred by those who want something that does not conduct the cold, but they are also the bulkiest choice.

If you're not required to have steel toes, and it's just pure comfort you're looking for, a composite toe would be the best choice.

Do you need advice or do you have a question about our comfortable work footwear? Don’t hesitate to contact us right away, We're social!

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