What Safety Shoe Fits Your Job? Safety Features Overview

Are you up on your feet all day working in heavy environments? Then you know that protective footwear is essential on the job to work in a safe and responsible way, day-to-day.

Besides the fact that safety shoes are vital, you should know what kind of protection suits your work environment best, so don’t just pick one!

Thanks to continuous investments in innovation, extensive product testing in all stages and the knowhow of our team, we are able to offer you a wide range of technical features. We monitor the latest changes in safety standards and always try to meet or exceed them where possible. The tables below give you an overview of all our safety features together with the icons we use to label our safety shoes.

This page will help you out choosing the safety shoe that suits your work environment!

Do you need advice or do you have a question about the features below? Don’t hesitate to contact us right away, We're social!

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safety shoes features and specifications



water repellent safety shoes feature
Water repellent uppers
shortcode: WRU
oil fuel resistance safety shoes feature
Oil and fuel resistant outsole
heel energy absorption safety shoes feature
Heel energy absorption
slip resistance safety shoes feature
Slip resistant outsole
shortcode: SRA/SRC
waterproof water resistance safety shoes feature
Waterproof shoe
shortcode: WR
electrical hazard resistance safety shoes feature


metal free safety shoes feature
Metal free
soft impact foam safety shoes feature
Soft impact foam
heath resistance safety shoes feature
Heath resistant outsoles
shortcode: HRO
heat insulated safety shoes feature
Heat insulated
shortcode: HI
cold insulated safety shoes feature
Cold insulated
shortcode: CI
warm lining safety shoes feature
Warm fur lining
non-marking outsole safety shoes feature
Non-marking outsoles
coolmax lining safety shoes feature
Coolmax lining (breathability)
ultra light safety shoes feature
Ultra light shoe
zipper safety shoes feature
Safety shoes with zipper
bgr dguv safety shoes feature


clog resistance safety shoes feature
Clog resistance
decreases the amount of debris stuck in the outsole
natural fit safety shoes feature
Natural fit
standard fit for most sizes
trip hazard resistance safety shoes feature
decreases trip hazard when moving between different floors
lug patterns safety shoes feature
Zone traction
combination of environment-specific SFC lug patterns

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