Canal It Up - Cleaning up the canal of Brussels

Canal It Up, is a Belgian organization that aims for a clean plastic-free canal in Brussels where nature has its place. Armed with their kayaks and fishing nets, they go to battle with the constant flow of waste that passes through the canal. In doing so, they want to raise awareness, strive for better water quality and look for structural solutions.

Tackling the waste problem

The team of Canal It Up consists of a small group of core members who laid the foundation of the organization by picking up trash. However, they quickly realized that their efforts were in vain because there was simply too much waste. 

Therefore, they decided to focus on raising awareness by taking along a new person every time they go fishing for plastic to reach as many people as possible. Meanwhile, the team has grown and they decided to tackle other problems as well, such as improving the water quality, installing a trash barrier and recycling the waste they collect. 

How do we support Canal It up?

Safety Jogger’s mission? To lend Canal It Up a hand in their countless clean-up actions by donating our reusable gloves. In this way, we help them continue their activities by keeping the core members and volunteers safe while collecting the waste that's drifting in the canal.

Moreover, we give the plastic they – and many others - collect a second life by using it to make our Morris safety shoe.

Canal It Up Partnership

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