Extreme light safety shoe

The Safety Jogger Lightweight collection with SJ-3FIT is the must-have for the hybrid workplace. With unique features such as a removable hybrid insole with a built-in air circulation system and shock absorption, you will have one the lightest safety shoe on the market.

SJ HYBRID insole

The new SJ Hybrid insole is developed with an exceptional perforated structure. This ensures Lightness, Air Breathability and Comfort all day long. The SJ Hybrid insole takes full-surface foot support to the next level while maintaining all other features such as Shock Impact zone, Arch support, Shock Absorption, Electro Static Discharge. With the SJ Hybrid insole, your feet will feel comfortable and fresh all day long.


SJ-3FIT technology

Safety on the work floor is crucial, however good fitting safety footwear is key for comfortable feet! The SJ-3FIT technology was engineered to guarantee an optimal fitting because when safety shoes fit perfectly, you will have more grip leading to more safety.

  • outstanding features
  • flexible more width concept
  • optimal absorption in the heel and forefoot
  • support through the midfoot pelotte
  • built-in climate regulation through perforated microfiber
  • skin friendly according to Öko-Tex
  • suitable for ESD shoes
  • washable at 30 °C
  • sizes: EU 38–48 I UK 5–13 | US 5.5-13.5

Product Review

Watch our product review movie to get to know all the benefits of our lightweight collection

SRC certified slip resistance

The SRC standard meets the requirements of both SRA and SRB, meaning the slip resistance of the outsole was tested on a ceramic tile wetted with a dilute soap solution and on smooth steel plate with glycerol. Safety Jogger’s slip resistant outsoles pass both tests with glance and do not only fulfil the minimum standards, but exceed them remarkably.

Puncture resistant lightweight midsole

The puncture resistant midsole is made of Aramid (woven fabrics with high tenacity) which make these safety shoes light and metal free. It prevents puncture flesh wounds which are particularly awful and can lead to dangerous infections and/or permanent foot damage. The midsole is also flexible, which leads to more comfortable walking.



Innovative Carbon Nanofiber material makes these safety toes the lightest and most advanced safety toe available on the market. The weight of the SJ Nano Carbon toe cap is 50% less than a traditional steel safety toe cap and 40% less than a standard composite toe cap. The toe cap will not conduct heat nor cold, will not activate metal detectors, is non-magnetic, and static free, thus ensuring safety first!


The breathable Nalomesh keeps your feet dry and comfortable. As you walk, air is pushed and circulated through the fibers allowing the skin to breathe. 360° foam guarantees a great support feeling around the foot.