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Safety Jogger completes market studies throughout the globe to determine the need for new retailers based on market requirements. The goal is to ensure that we can provide the retailers increased sales volumes and high profits and that we can offer the consumers the full Safety Jogger Brand Experience.

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- Events -

Korea Kiss

Seoul, South Korea
02/07/18 to 05/07/18

Safety Week

Bangkok, Thailand


Miami, USA
17/07/18 to 19/07/18

Medical Fair Asia

19/08/18 to 31/08/18

Canton Autumn Phase 1

Guangzhou, China
15/10/18 to 19/10/18

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- About Us-

Safety Jogger was founded in 2001 as a part of the Cortina Group, which is with its 25 million pairs of shoes one of the largest European shoes distributors. An experience of more than fifty years in development and production of shoes gave to Safety Jogger the possibility to become in no time an international brand.

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- Technology -

ESD and Antistatic Safety Shoes

ESD and antistatic safety shoes
The difference between ESD Safety Shoes and Antistatic Safety Shoes, aren't they the same? ESD and antistatic safety shoes are used in different type of industries such as aerospace, industrial equipment manufacturing, ...

Hydrolysis, The Crumbling of Shoe Soles explained

hydrolysis crumbling pu sole
Why does my shoe fall apart? This is How We Prevent Hydrolysis in Our Safety Shoes. One of the main technical challenges with polyurethane shoe soles is overcoming an ageing deterioration known as ‘hydrolysis' ...

The Most Comfortable Work Shoes

The most comfortable safety jogger work shoes
Be pain-free on heavy-duty work environments with a pair of comfortable work shoes. Get more work done and stop wasting time dealing with sore muscles or aching feet, it's time to enjoy every workday.

- Stories -

UCI City Mountainbike

uci mtb powered by citymountainbike

UCI City Mountainbike

The UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup gives us a fruitful platform to communicate with our customers who use our safety shoes and safety wear. This urban discipline embraces the same dynamism and quality as we put into our footwear and textiles.

Stijn De Jaegere Aerobatics

stijndejaegere aerobics quote

Stijn De Jaegere Aerobatics

We've known Stijn for years and his story behind aerobatics and the dedication that he has shown to achieve his goal is admirable, we're delighted that we can support him in his flight to the top!

Alcatraz Metal Festival

alcatraz 2018 banner

Alcatraz Metal Festival

Long beards, wild hair, leather jackets with band patches on it: the average Alcatraz visitor looks really cool. Apart from the fact that metal men and rock chicks are very nice and sweet, they are known to be one of the most favorable festival visitors in the country.