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Safety Jogger completes market studies throughout the globe to determine the need for new retailers based on market requirements. The goal is to ensure that we can provide the retailers increased sales volumes and high profits and that we can offer the consumers the full Safety Jogger Brand Experience.

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- Events -


Sochi, Russia
10/04/18 to 13/04/18


Shanghai, China
11/04/18 to 14/04/18


Shanghai, China
11/04/18 to 13/04/18

Canton Fair Fase 1

Guangzhou, China
15/04/18 to 19/04/18


Poznań, Poland
24/04/18 to 26/04/18

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- About Us-

Safety Jogger was founded in 2001 as a part of the Cortina Group, which is with its 25 million pairs of shoes one of the largest European shoes distributors. An experience of more than fifty years in development and production of shoes gave to Safety Jogger the possibility to become in no time an international brand.

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- Technology -

Hydrolysis, The Crumbling of Shoe Soles explained

hydrolysis crumbling pu sole
Why does my shoe fall apart? This is How We Prevent Hydrolysis in Our Safety Shoes. One of the main technical challenges with polyurethane shoe soles is overcoming an ageing deterioration known as ‘hydrolysis' ...

ESD and Anti-Static Safety Shoes

ESD and anti-static safety shoes
The difference between ESD Safety Shoes and Anti-Static Safety Shoes, aren't they the same? ESD and anti-static safety shoes are used in different type of industries such as aerospace, industrial equipment manufacturing, ...

What Safety Shoe Fits Your Job? Safety Features Overview

Safety shoes technical features
A Guideline to Finding the Perfect Pair of Safety Shoes for Your Work Environment! This page is an overview of all the technical features we have in our safety shoes.