Get a grip with Tiger Grip overshoes!

Did you know that 40% of work accidents are caused by poor grip on the floor?

Slip and trip accidents cost companies over £500 million each year, even though they are easily avoidable. That’s where Tiger Grip comes in to help.

Tiger Grip overshoes: the solution to slip-related accidents

Tiger Grip is an expert in slip-resistant and protective overshoes. Our mission is to protect people who move around on surfaces that pose risks of slipping, impacts or other hazards. Our overshoes provide essential protection for your feet and make your movements safe and secure in a wide range of settings.

Made with slip-resistant technology that outscores normal standards by up to 240%

What sets our overshoes apart, is our unique slip-resistant technology that significantly outperforms all standards.

We don’t settle for the bare minimum, but always strive to be one step ahead when it comes to grip, traction and protection. That is why our overshoes not only pass all slip tests (SRA and SRB) to comply with specific regulations, but are developed to outscore normal standards by up to 240%. The result? Unmatched grip on all surfaces!

The benefits of Tiger Grip overshoes

  • Practical sizing: 3 to 5 sizes to cover all shoe sizes, depending on the overshoe model
  • Adaptable: fits over any type of footwear, including heels, boots and safety shoes
  • Comfortable: made from lightweight materials and designed with attention to ergonomics
  • Safe in any environment: resistant to temperatures, oils, hydrocarbons and acids
  • Sustainable: reusable and built to last thanks to the strength and density of the materials
  • Easy to maintain: washable and designed to limit fouling
  • Hygienic: no exchange of shoes means no transmission of bacteria
Main benefits:
  • An ultralight protective toe cap
  • Extremely easy to put on thanks to the Velcro straps
  • Range of 3 or 4 sizes to cover all shoe sizes
  • Color codes to easily identify each size

Category II PPE; CE certified, EN ISO 20345: 2011:

  • Resistance to hydrocarbons and abrasion
  • Resistance to toe crushing
  • SRC slip resistance for Visitor Premium and Visitor Integral
  • Puncture resistance for Visitor Integral
+ US certifications (ASTM)
Main benefits:
  • Unbeatable grip up to 240% of the level prescribed by the SRC standard
  • Excellent fit thanks to their stretchability
  • Range of 4 to 5 sizes to cover all shoe sizes

Category II PPE, CE certified:

  • SRC slip resistance
  • Resistance to hydrocarbons and abrasion
  • Resistance to toe crushing for Total Protect and Total Protect Plus
  • Puncture resistance for Total Protect Plus
+ US certifications (ASTM)
Main benefits:
  • Designed to prevent slipping and falling in outdoor environments
  • Steel spikes for extra grip and traction on icy surfaces
  • Adaptable to all shoe sizes and types of footwear

Category II PPE; CE certified, FIOH protocol TY -043:

  • Slip resistance on ice
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Resistance to spike corrosion
+ US certifications (ASTM)

Tiger Grip Technology

Outsoles with Tiger Grip technology are renowned for their slip resistance, ability to withstand wear and tear and excellent traction on different surfaces, even wet and uneven ones. They are crafted with an exclusive rubber compound and engineered with specific patterns and grooves to enhance grip and stability.

Experience unbeatable grip on all surfaces and move around safely with our Tiger Grip overshoes

an effective solution for preventing falls, impacts, and other risks.

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