Mergers and acquisitions

Cortina has grown organically from a small local Belgian shoe factory into a large private label footwear distributor. From 2000 on, Cortina has been differentiating its product offering partly through organic growth and partly by means of acquisitions.

 Cortina is a worldwide distributor of fashion footwear, licensed footwear and footwear and apparel under our own brands such as Safety Jogger and Patrick.

In order to strengthen our product offering towards our customers and to strengthen our presence, we are actively searching for companies who are willing to become part of our group. Although we prefer to fully acquire a company, we are open to look at companies in which the current owners or management keep a minority stake.

Cortina is a family-owned SME with strong assets to finance its M&A strategy. We prefer our deal structure to be transparent, simple and quick where both parties conclude on a win-win proposition.

Company profile potential partners:

  • Footwear or apparel companies with a turnover of 5 to 50 million EUR with a positive EBITDA
  • Brand owners or distributors
  • Preferable markets:
    • Europe
    • UK
    • Scandinavia
    • Asia
  • Product offering: 
    • Professional footwear and workwear
    • Private label footwear

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