What does an EH (Electrical Hazard) rating mean?

Safety shoes have different ways of handling electrical charges. ESD and antistatic shoes are conductive, which means they let a certain amount of electrostatic energy travel through your body before averting it to the ground. However, in some cases, the electrical current is so strong that it would be dangerous or even deadly to let it travel through your body. That’s where EH shoes come into play. 

EH shoes are insulating. This means that they have such a high electrical resistance that they completely isolate you from the ground. They form a solid barrier between you and the floor and don’t allow electrical current to travel through the body.  In the video below, we’ll explain how this works:

In summary:

The outsoles of EH shoes are electrically isolating. Unlike antistatic and ESD footwear, EH shoes do not avert electrical current to the ground. These safety shoes are fully insulating and ideal for environments with a high risk of electrocution.

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