WeForest – growing trees in the Brazilian wildlife corridors

WeForest is an organization that is dedicated to the reforestation of green areas located around the equator. Their goal? To reach over 100 million trees – equivalent to around 85 000 hectares – restored or conserved by the end of 2024. 

Why does WeForest plant trees?

Did you know that trees ...

  • … purify the air we breathe?
  • … balance the water cycle, which is essential for cooling our climate?
  • … help save energy?
  • … help stabilize climate change?

Growing trees makes a huge difference. Trees are the best way to get harmful CO2 out of the atmosphere, to combat global warming and thus to guarantee a safe planet.

Collaboration with local communities

In addition, WeForest is about more than just growing trees. It is about the overall result for the environment and the people living in these areas. Restoring ecological integrity is key to improving human well-being and is crucial to protect forests in the long term as well. That's why WeForest collaborates with local communities, improves their livelihoods and measures their impact. 

All to empower communities to implement innovative solutions to restore forests and to sustainably manage their natural resources for the benefit of our climate, the environment and humanity.

Where do we plant trees?

Our project will contribute to the Wildlife Corridors in Brazil, home to an increasing number of endangered animals and vegetation .

The Atlantic Forest used to be six times the size of the United Kingdom. But in the past 20 years, it has lost more than 80% of its forest area due to the expansion of unsustainable agriculture. Which, in turn, is also affecting the area's rich biodiversity.  

WeForest is growing trees to reconnect these forest areas, creating more space again for both plants and animals. And we are more than happy to help build a movement where people start making a living out of restoring and protecting forests instead of cutting them down.

Certified partner of WeForest Since 2020

Since 2020, Safety Jogger supports the activities carried out by  WeForest in the wildlife corridors of Brazil.

Download our certificate here

Want to discover more about WeForest?

Have you been inspired by our project and would you like to discover more about WeForest’s other projects?

Do not hesitate to visit their website.  You will be able to follow each project step by step and see the progress they make every month.


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