Stylish Safety Shoes for Women


Not everyone woman has the luxury of working indoors everyday in a cozy warmed up office room with Ikea furniture and mini potted plants. For some of them, showing off in Zara heels or Penny loafers isn’t an option. There are still women out there who kick ass in physically challenging work environments where the use of safety shoes is rather a must over a choice.

The Safety Jogger Lady Line, a very important part of our safety shoe collection, adds a sporty & feminine style to our fashionable safety shoe range, as well as the comfort that won't let your feet in agony by the time you kick of the work day. They manage whatever obstacles the working day throws your way and are an essential part of the professional wardrobe for every hard-working woman. This way, the Lady Line meets the growing demand of safety shoes for women.

Thanks to continuous investments in innovation, extensive product testing in all stages and the knowhow of our team, we can offer you a wide range of technical features in our safety shoes for women.

safety jogger steel toe safety shoes for women
safety jogger steel toe safety shoes for women

Rated for the highest level in safety standards and profiting from the latest technologies to meet the S3 standard results in an optimal protection against sharp objects, wet circumstances and the presence of other features like:

  1. A steel or composite safety toe
  2. Static dissipative
  3. Revolutionary impact foam and ankle support
  4. SRC slip resistance for every women’s safety shoe
  5. Metal-free / lightweight characteristics
  6. And much more ...



With all safety shoes in our selection receiving an ANSI or ISO standard, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional leather or athletic safety shoe, all will have some combination of slip and oil resistance, waterproof material, and electrical hazard protection to keep a worker safe on the job.

The combination of a pre-moulded and removable EVA insole with an anti perforation SJ FLEX midsole grants our safety shoes for women the feeling of a running shoe. The result is a sporty, comfortable safety shoe. A must-have for every woman at work.

Do you have any other question about our safety shoes for women or another product by Safety Jogger? Don’t hesitate to contact us right away, we’re social!

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