Prevent hydrolysis in safety shoes

Learn more about ➤ Hydrolysis & how we prevent hydrolysis in our safety shoes. One of the main technical challenges with polyurethane shoe soles is overcoming an ageing deterioration known as ‘hydrolysis’. Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown of ...

Electric hazards & safety shoes

Learn more about ➤ Electrocutions / electric hazard & how we prevent it in our safety shoes. Electrocutions are one of the greatest hazards on construction sites. When in direct contact with electric high voltage equipment, such as overhead powerlines ...

ESD and anti-static safety shoes

Learn more about ✓ ESD safety shoes and ✓ anti-static safety shoes. What's the difference? ESD and anti-static safety shoes are used in different type of industries such as aerospace, industrial equipment manufacturing, ...

Work socks

You’re up on your feet all day long. It goes without saying that you take good care of them? This is where the new Safety Jogger work socks come in: they give your feet the comfort and support they deserve.

Safety boots

Looking for safe and strong boots for the big works? The safety boots by Safety Jogger fit your needs! Our boots are the combination of safety and comfort you are looking for.

Lady Line, safety for stylish ladies

The ladies may wonder: do we always have to choose between safety and style? Safety Jogger doesn’t think so. The Lady Line is a sporty safety shoe for women.

Puncture resistant SJ FLEX midsole

Puncture resistant SJ FLEX Insole is an innovative technology that combines high strength with light weight. Puncture resistant SJ FLEX Insole has proved his quality in different applications.

Euronorm ISO EN 20345

To work in a safe and responsible way, employees should wear safety shoes. But don’t just pick one: for optimal protection of the foot, you should choose the footwear that suits your environment.